Hello and welcome to KS WoodCraft. As a small, family owned-and-operated business. We are truly happy you’re here and greatly appreciate an opportunity to design your custom wood furniture.

We operate a custom wood furniture shop that specializes in hand crafting Rustic, Modern, Farmhouse and Contemporary wood furniture. We use a variety of solid hardwoods that are domestic and foreign.

Our goal is to empower YOU to be the designer. We want your input and feedback while we work to create a truly unique piece of custom wood furniture for your home or business. Our motto is, “Always make furniture seem like the room was built around it.”


KS WoodCraft is a family owned, and operated small business located in the Dallas Metroplex.  We specialize in building custom wood furniture that ranges from Rustic Farmhouse to Contemporary to Modern Industrial.  We use only the best materials that range from domestic Hardwoods sourced locally to Exotics, which we import from around the world. We are thrilled to empower our customers with choice and creativity by customizing each piece of wood furniture. We know that you cannot buy custom wood furniture from box stores in the size, shape or color that you want, besides, most of them use veneers and low quality woods that don’t last. Our motto is, “Always make furniture seem like the room was built around it.”

We encourage you to spend time on our site. If you are local to the Dallas Metroplex, we would LOVE to meet you!  Please give us a call to schedule an appointment at our shop.  Our fully trained staff is eager to help you design the most perfect furniture for your home, office or business.

Wood with a story!

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