The McKinney Cotton Mill opened its doors back in 1910 and is still a piece of living history in the Collin County community. The Cotton Mill is home to many local businesses and is a popular venue choice for many brides in north Texas!

We’ve recently partnered up with The Mill on a project to bring Collin County residents something truly unique and one of a kind.

We are reclaiming original wood and building custom tables out of it!

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“We’re taking this old, historic reclaimed wood from The Cotton Mill and we’re creating custom pieces of history that will last a lifetime!”

   –    Ken Schumacher, Founder

Want A Piece of McKinney History in Your Home?

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How old is the wood that was salvaged from the Cotton Mill?

The Cotton Mill wood is 19th Century Old Growth wood, aged 150 years +

What kind of wood was used to build the Cotton Mill?

Most of the wood that we have salvaged is Old Growth Pine.  This is a very hard wood that was used for flooring.  The thickness is 2.5”, though we sometimes re-saw the wood to 1.25” thickness.

Do you just use a clear coat or can I choose a stain?

We provide a variety of stains as well as a clear coat of Luxury Oil.  This wood is naturally beautiful, though depending on the surroundings of the furniture, our customers may want to choose a stain to match their décor.

Is this wood really rustic?

When it reaches our shop, it is very rustic.  We prefer to refine the wood – this does not remove any of the character, but rather, allows us to make furniture that is functional, flat and smooth.

Why do some of your pictures look like the wood was singed?

That is because it was singed!  We use a Japanese technique called Shou-sugi-ban.  We refine the wood and apply a flame to it.  This process gives the wood a dark, smoked appearance.

Behind the Scenes of our video shoot at The Cotton Mill

Behind the Scenes of our video shoot at The Cotton Mill