Earlier this Summer, we had a customer challenge us to find them something truly special – they wanted a custom French Oak Table built to match the redesign of their house. So we started calling up some contacts and doing some research online and we finally got in touch with a European hardwood broker, Alex.

Long story short, Ole Alex came through and had a connection that would be able to get us 17th century, reclaimed french oak wood and could have it shipped all the way from Europe to Dallas, Texas. Now we really only needed 6 – 8 wood planks to craft the table, but unfortunately, they wouldn’t sell individual planks!

So we said what the heck, give us the whole pallet! ?

Check out the full history of the wood here!

The wood has finally made it to our shop and we’re hard at work building our customer their dream table! We have enough wood left to make about 10 owners dreams come true of designing their very own piece of history, and have a reclaimed french oak table custom built just for them. You better hurry before it’s gone!

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