Metal Crossed Table Legs

Metal Crossed Table Legs

As much as we enjoy building 100% solid Hardwood tables, we also love to showcase the AMAZING work of our metal fabrication partners. We happily encourage our customers to pick a variety of Hardwood that they like best for the tabletop, and choose their favorite custom metal base to complete the table. As a benefit, choosing a metal base will lower the cost of having a table built with its wood counterpart, because material and labor costs are reduced. Although many different colored powder coats are available at an additional cost, we offer the four most common included in our standard price:

  1. Matte Black – A matte black paint is applied followed by a matte clear coat.
  2. Brushed Steel – A grinder is applied to the bare metal which produces a brushed, stainless-like appearance – followed by a clear protective coat.
  3. Natural – The natural metal is left un-touched and the welds are left exposed to feature a more organic appearance – followed by a clear protective coat.
  4. Blended – The natural metal is left un-touched, though the welds are painted over to match the natural patina of the metal, followed by a clear protective coat.

The standard height of our tables is between 29-30 inches tall with your choice of either 36”, 40” or 44” wide. The length of this table can be completely customizable.  The included clear coat will protect your metal base from moisture and cleaning products.

Because it is our passion to offer as much choice to our customers as possible, the following Hardwoods and Exotics can be chosen for this model.  For more available options, please contact us.  We would be happy to offer you a custom quote.

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